Spatial Form Project: Playing w/ Forms


A transformation of a simple cube to a more complexity and variations.

Playing with Forms-Process
This is the process of my playing and experimenting a form to create a much more complex, aesthetic form.

the project continues--visit th following projects and see what comes next!
Fractal Project
Fractal Form

1. cube with one pair of sides penetrated in cylindrical diamond hole. 
2. Second cube with two pairs of sides penetrated in cylindrical diamond hole.
3. Third cube with all sides penetrated in cylindrical diamond form + inverse tetrahedron at the corner
4. Further folded in on the other corner to expose the inside of the cube.
5. Other corners folded out to open like a door.
6. Finally resulting with more complex cube with various openings.
Let's look inside that cube......

Without the sufrace of the cube appeared a form that reminds of spiky/rough star shaped form. 
A final production that all branches are doubled in length. 
Exaggerated impression of spiking outwards.
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