"Forgotten" - Gleaning Project

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The gleaning project was to "glean" (finding usable items/food from trash/abandoned) 12 objects to arrange in certain way to portray a designated term (in my case, "forgotten"). Then practice section drawing and rendering, and picking out one portion of the drawing to zoom in and turn it into a shelter for a person who has been homeless for 10 years. Challenge was to effectively portray the image of the given word in a meaningful way.

1. Gleaning arrangement depicting "Forgotten"
2. Section Drawing
3. Section drawing + Rendering
4. Positioning of a homeless in his new shelter(Returning back to Mother's womb, regaining forgotten memories by returning home.)
5. Case Studies for human body proportion, sitting/leaning posture, infant's posture in womb,  possible positioning/sitting posture of the homeless, etc.
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