Heeju is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design; Departmentof Interior Architecture.
Raised in Daejeon, South Korea, Heeju is an individual whobelieves in life as an ongoing adventure.
She is passionate in architecture, interiorarchitecture, set design, film, traveling, and wildlife.
Of course, anyone around her will know her as a devoted fan of Disney "Tangled."




Iam always hungry for challenges. I know I will always push myself furtherthan where I'm at and exceed my limits.
A quiet person I may seem, there is a louder voice inside thatalways seeks for something new in life. Often feeling sheltered whilegrowing up,
I am all about challenges and exploration, doing what I have neverdone before -- becoming a "groundbreaker" of my own life.
Suchbelief has lead me to conduct unexpected surprises, such as chopping offmy long hair  
(which I have been insisting as long as I couldremember), dying my hair pink, and eventually shaving off my hair.
~Old Buildings Have Stories to Tell~

InteriorArchitecture has always been my interest
ever since I watched a television show thatfeatured architects redesigning old houses for those in inadequate livingcondition.
Ifind value in preservation and giving "life" to old, forgottenbuildings which once had stories with them.
Old spaces that were once occupied still keeps history ofinhabitance as if it is its own memory and its being -- that what spacesdo.
Space, whether open or enclosed, exist to becoexist and shelter life within them.
I believe that preservation, development, and designing based onthe trace and history of the building is the path a future architectureshould take.


I wouldsometimes go on a random excursion, exploring the path to wherever my feet takeme to.
Same applies to my belief in life: Trusting my own vision anddecision, persistently following it will lead me to where I envisioned.
wherever the destination may be, whether it is film, interior architecture,stage design, theater, illustration or acting.

Tome such visions are working to give life and purpose to buildings andarchitecture,
producing films that move people's minds, and listening to myheart's callings.


Inpirationfor lifestyle is an America's beloved illustrator Tasha Tudor 
who lived a 19thcentury life style at an renovated old farmhouse in Vermont.
Beyondmy career in dreams for the near future, my hope for further future is
to follow the footsteps of Tasha Tudor's rural lifestyle.



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